Marketing in every field is challenging, but some are more difficult than others. The legal field is a perfect example as the costs to get clicks on Google are worth hundreds of dollars each. Attorneys constantly look for creative ways to build more interest and get more clients but the problem is that most methods are expensive. Their best bet for affordable advertising that generates real leads include: 


Search engine optimization is still a top option for attorneys. While it takes time, getting ranked organically on Google it can generate affordable traffic and a strong online presence that will give your firm reliable leads for years.

The best marketing campaigns usually begin with a strong SEO presence to ensure that organic traffic is steady. Organic traffic tends to convert better as you are generating interest from the audience that is more committed to information than immediate results. 


While targeting is a bit of a challenge for legal topics and interest, Facebook has produced impressive results for areas like class-action suits, divorce, business and insurance. 

Re-targeting may be another great option as traffic from your website is shown additional ads on their social media profiles which consumers spend over four hours a day. 

Streaming TV 

Running commercials on regular television is mostly a branding campaign because targeting is limited to geo and potential interests. Online, you have the ability to target people based on online activity, interest in competitors, age, income and more. Retention rates are also higher with streaming television which is also something difficult to track with regular television.  

Understanding the different channels available for marketing and how they allow you to reach a desired audience for a fraction of the costs regular lead generation platforms are. If you’re curious about what options are available you can always request a free digital marketing consultation from a very experienced legal marketing team. We are here to help you find new options and save. 

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