Have a Slip and Fall Case? Contact a Florida Slip and Fall attorney

“Slip and Fall” is hardly a new category of law.  Slip and fall accidents often fall under a personal injury case and require very specialized legal knowledge.

Different Scenarios

There are many different scenarios that may fall under the Slip and Fall category.

Slip and Fall is, just as it sounds, suffering an injury  due to slipping and falling on the premises of a second party. A Slip and Fall case in Florida, necessitating a consultation with Florida Slip and fall attorney, can result from the following causes.

  • Uneven floors or floor coverings
  • Ice either on a sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway
  • Wet floors
  • Impediments to navigating on a sidewalk, in an aisle, or walkway

The most common occurrence of slip and fall cases will vary from state to state.  One is more likely to suffer a slip and fall due to ice in the Northeast than you would in Florida.

Locally, slip and fall complaints are more likely due to wet floors or uneven surfaces.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident.  If you have fallen in a store or on the premise of a business, there are steps you need to take immediately.

Keep Notes

First, note the condition of the area where you were hurt. Was the floor wet? Was there a tear or bump in the rug or some kind of imperfection in the floor covering (a gap between wood planks as an example)?

If you find that this is the case and are physically able, make note of the cause of the fall with an eyewitness, or perhaps the first responder if you require medical attention. Some victims have the ability to use cell phones to take photos of the area in question.

Next, make sure you get the medical attention you require. If you are going to expect the business or property owner to cover your medical expenses, you will need a record of your expenses.

Finally, contact your Florida slip and fall attorney and use the initial consultation to understand if you have a case or not.

Making A Claim

Most businesses have attorneys and they are all required to have liability insurance. If your injuries are such that you may file a claim, you will most likely be contacted by the business or property owners’ law firm or insurance adjuster.

Your conversations with these people should be limited.  Any questions should be immediately presented to your Florida slip and fall attorney.  Even if you believe sharing information will help your case, remember that these people are trying to avoid a large payout and will look for holes in your claim.

Referring all conversations and inquiries to you attorney is always the best option.

Your Florida slip and fall attorney could be working to get you “special damages” for pain and suffering.  You may be missing work, family obligations, or even economic opportunities due to your injuries.  You may be eligible for more than just the payment of your bills.

Also, your attorney will want to consider whether or not there could be long term impacts of your injury. Will it impact your quality of life in later years?

All of these concerns can be handled by a professional Florida slip and fall attorney. Similarly, if you are a business owner or property owner.  You should be in communication with a slip and fall attorney to protect yourself from lawsuits that may arise.

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