Do you need a traffic ticket attorney? Getting a traffic ticket is not only a major inconvenience but can have long term effects and be a very expensive problem.  When you get a ticket, you have a limited amount of time to answer the ticket as to not be found guilty.   A traffic ticket can affect you in many ways. 

First if all you can receive points against your license.  If you have multiple tickets?  Your license can be suspended and possibly revoked.  Getting the points reduced to a minimal is very important. You will need a traffic ticket attorney.


The expense of just pleading guilty to a ticket can range up to hundreds of dollars.  More important if you have tickets and points against your license is how it effects your insurance.  In many cases tickets can cause your insurance costs to literally double.  Therefore, having a great attorney is so important.  A great attorney can help reduce and, in many cases, get the ticket dismissed.  Remember, officers often make mistakes.  One simple mistake in what is written on the ticket can get the case dismissed.


A DUI is more complicated.  You can not just sit back and let the court destroy you.  A DUI is both a criminal matter and a Motor Vehicle matter.  It can cost thousands.  It may result in a suspension of your license.  You may be required to take all sorts of driving courses.  You need a real professional to mitigate the damage.  Someone who knows the court system.  Someone who knows all the rules in the area you have.  Call us anytime 24/7 with any questions. is here to help you.  Call us if you received a ticket.  There is no reason to accept the full penalty.  The full penalty can be expensive and have long term effects on your insurance premiums. 

Always available. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your calls. 


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  1. Jimmy Desluge

    I attempted to fight a serious infraction years ago on my on. Not only did I lose, but is followed me for years. I received a ticket recently and the first thing I did was contact an attorney. The ticket was dismissed due to the fact that the Officer that cited me wrote the wrong day on the ticket. I would do it over again this way. No fine, no points on my license, and thank God no insurance increases.

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂