How can a civil court attorney in Stockton help you get a better offer in your case? That’s the most common question people ask and it’s also the biggest mistake. Whether you should receive an offer of $20,000 or $20 million, you really have no way of knowing. The compensation for these takes of cases varies based on so many factors. Some are dealt with quickly as both sides just want to move on and some can go on for years. The truth is, you have no realistic idea of how much money you should expect, how much time this will take and what decisions are going to be best for you and your family unless you speak with a lawyer.

What to expect

Think of your wrongful death lawyer as a guide. Someone who is going to make sure you do not miss a step. Someone to help you make the right decisions throughout the entire process. They are also going to help you set realistic expectations. How do you know an offer they make to you to settle for $40,000, that it’s a fair offer or not? It may not seem like a lot given the tragedy you just experienced but the truth is you really have no idea. That’s why you need an attorney with experience to show you the way. Someone to help you make confident decisions.

Another reason a civil court attorney in Stockton is so important is because of everything you will need to decide on. The family will experience anger towards the person who is at fault. You are experiencing pain for the loss you just suffered. You are experiencing fear because the bills are piling up and you need money now. All these emotions will cloud your judgement which is why you need someone to help you make the right decisions.  

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