Civil court attorneys have a unique challenge when it comes to marketing because they cover so many different areas of the legal field. Whenever you talk to an attorney about marketing you first ask them about the areas they specialize in. Next, you go over a long list of things they can also assist with. Why? Because the more areas they can cover in the legal field, the more business they can generate. The issue with these types of lawyers is that there’s so many areas to cover and you want to make sure that you are marketing equally for each. 

That may seem odd to say considering some areas pay better than others. However, most marketing professionals will be quick to point out if you can get someone in for something simple and maybe not the biggest financial gain for you, they could turn into a long-term client and use you for other areas they may need in the future. It’s hard to say how or when people will need these services so throwing a wider net is always smart, especially when it comes to building a digital presence. 

Starting in your area, you want to establish a strong presence on Google first. The reason is because that’s where people who need legal representation will go first to find someone. Next, consider options like Facebook and streaming television. This may not return immediate results but it gets your name out there and gives you a great opportunity to get more clients because they will recognize your name whenever they search for an attorney. Marketing works best, not in a promotion that gets people in the door or to make a call, but when they are familiar with your brand and see you whenever they are looking for help with the services you provide. That familiarity is why we grab half the items we do in the grocery store and it works in the legal field as well. Finally, you should focus on generating immediate interest with promotions that focus on getting people to your site and providing their contact info. This includes writing compelling blogs on important topics in the area or videos discussing those topics and promoting them. 

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