If you are an attorney looking for an attorney referral service, you need to walk a very tight line when it comes to advertising.  An attorney is legally not allowed to pay any type of fee for a referral, unless it comes from another attorney.  There are so many companies out there breaking the rules.  That all great until you end up getting in trouble. 

Our Approach

What we do here at Civilcourtattorney.com is marketing. Civilcourtattorney.com lists our clients services and practice areas and the internet does the rest.  We give your firm exposure.  We have multiple exact domain matches to some of the most coveted domains.  Domain like civilcourtttorney.com, wrongfuldeathattorney.com, wrongfuldeathsettlements.com, cryptocurrencyattorney.com and many other.  The power of our content enriched sites, EDM’s, and hundreds of listings and affiliate sites, allow us to always maintain premier listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many services out there promise the sun and deliver the moon. We would rather be honest.  Nobody can control who will call an attorney.  If you want to spend 10,000 a month and more than Google Keywords is a great way to go.  What we offer is a very affordable alternative.  We will get eyeballs on your practice and your phone ringing.  What you do with the clients from there is up to you.  Call us anytime for a 5-minute explanation.  If you don’t like what we have to say or think we are not one hundred percent honest, then just hang up.  That’s how sure of what we provide. 

In summation, if we feel we cannot get traffic in your area then we would rather not take a new client on.  Our system is built to work.  We would rather turn someone away, then not be able to service them properly.

We are not an attorney referral service. Providing marketing is what we do.

We are available 24 hour a day and look forward to hearing from you.


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