Often times, when people need the help of an attorney, they

get confused as to which one is best suited to assist them with their needs. For example, if you are being

mistreated at work because of your gender, race or sexual orientation then you will need a civil court

attorney. However, you will also need one if you are going through a divorce, someone stole your

intellectual property or if you are having a dispute with a landlord or tenant. When the dispute does not

require criminal sanctions, it is considered a civil case.

So why do people hesitate to meet with an attorney? The most obvious example is someone who is

being discriminated against at work. For example, you are made fun of, not given the same pay or

benefits as other employees due to your age, gender, sexual orientation, race or another reason. This is

a clear cut example of someone being discriminated against and that’s when you need to seek the help

of an attorney. Waiting only makes this worse and you need to know your legal options before you

make a decision.

When you contact a civil litigation lawyer, you are not filing a suit against anyone nor are you taking any

kind of action. You are simply asking questions and learning what your options are before you make a

decision. In some cases, the attorney may advise you of a different option to avoid the conflict and

settle the dispute. However, if they advise you to take action then you can have confidence knowing

that your legal counsel will fight for your rights. Your litigation lawyer is here to make sure that you

receive a fair and just outcome from this situation and that’s why you need to contact one today.

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