Civil court attorneys need a substantial amount of education to be able to practice in court. A

civil court attorney takes care of cases that involve agreements and assets between people,

businesses or the government. To be a civil court attorney, you would typically need to finish at

least three years of undergraduate studies before you qualify for law school. Law school also

takes another three years of study. Once completed, all civil court attorneys must pass the bar

exam and get their state license to practice.

Who do you work for as a civil court attorney?

Civil court attorneys work for private people, establishments and the government on cases that

involve people, property, relationships and other similar matters. As a civil court attorney, you

cannot work with criminal proceedings.

What do civil court attorneys do?

A civil court attorney works on most non-criminal legal matters. They can defend clients who

have suffered a loss of personal belongings like a car or money. A civil court attorney can also

mediate legal arguments between two individuals in matters of settlement for damages that

arise from automobile collisions.

Civil law covers most non-criminal areas of the law which applies to civilians such as personal

injury or even cases involving medical mismanagement. A civil court attorney sometimes

specializes in one of these general areas and become a more specific attorney. For example, as

a civil court attorney, you can decide to focus your practice on family law or divorce law, even

probate law.

Job responsibilities of a civil court attorney

A civil court attorney does same job functions like other attorneys. They can take depositions

from witnesses of their own or the opponent’s witnesses. They can also investigate the existing

statutes to find the best way to defend their clients in court during trials. You can also hire a

civil court attorney to help you reach a settlement with clients where you are having trouble

doing this on your own. Ultimately, a civil court attorney will make money for their clients in

most matters and prevent their clients from paying any more money than necessary during


Salary and job outlook

Most US lawyers earn an average of $135,000 every year, and this is expected to grow steadily

by about 6% in the coming decade. A civil court attorney can also make money from

negotiations which allow their clients remove or reduce expenses that may have arisen through

a dispute or another suit.

Final words

There are many areas that a civil court attorney can find work. Most civil court attorneys

specialize in finding a niche that is popular in their community and filling this. Sometimes it is

contract law or even divorce laws. The key thing is finding something that appeals to you

personally and has prospects of a rewarding career professionally.

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