The real question is whether or not you should speak with one?  First you need to speak with a lawyer.  After that the two of you can then decide if you need to actually move forward with the suit.

You should always speak to a Civil Rights Attorney if your rights are being in violatation.  For example, is your landlord failing to live up to their end of the agreement in your lease? There are thousands of examples where landlords continue to accept rent. At the same time they do not provide the necessary repairs on the property to make it livable.

Are you being mistreated at work?

This can include harassment and discrimination due to your race.  Maybe

religious beliefs.  It may be your sexual orientation, gender or anything else. Do you feel as though you are not getting equal pay, equal benefits or are being treated in an inappropriate way? Did you create something only to have your intellectual property taken from you? These are the questions your lawyer will be asking you as they try to get a better understanding of your situation. Their goal is not to encourage you to file suit, but make you aware of all your legal options and how you should proceed.

If you are going to file suit, than your civil rights attorney will be there every step of the way.   An attorney is their to offer proper legal counsel and fight for your rights. You may be hesitant to seek help because of your concern that it will lead to a tougher situation. That’s an understandable concern.  However there is no harm in speaking with an attorney who can help you make the right decision.

So rather do not speculate which option is the best for you.  Even if you aren’t really sure what your options are.  Get real legal counsel and put all your doubts to rest.

Call us here at Civil Court Attorney with any questions.  We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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