Over the last few months every lawyer advertising themselves on and off page, especially with PPC (Pay Per Click) received bad news. The cost for attorney advertising PPC traffic has gone up again. Attorneys are feeling this spike harder than most as an already very expensive field became even more costly. In some areas, lawyers are spending hundreds of dollars for a single click. That doesn’t mean they are getting an actual client out of it. What it simply means is just the cost of having someone click on an ad to visit their website.

Even with a conversion rate of 2%, if you are spending $5,000 a month are you really getting a fair return for your money? To make matters worse, you may not be putting your attorney advertising dollars behind the best keyword, meaning you are missing out on getting the lead, even though you are spending more money than your competitors.


So, what’s the solution? How can you separate yourself from the competition and get more leads? Actually, the idea isn’t to separate yourself from the competition but rather standout among them. Just because other lawyers are marketing in one spot doesn’t mean you should avoid it, it means you should utilize it to the best of your abilities. Here are some areas where this can be done in a cost-effective way that will still produce results:


  • Social Media: Are you going to land a new client every day from posting on Facebook? Of course not, but you may get clicks and you are also putting your name out there to thousands of people. The best part, social media doesn’t cost you anything and even better, you determine the budget if you want to boost. It’s also a great format to educate people, show them why they need your services and build up interaction.
  • SEO: The reason people pay so much for PPC is because they lack the patience to get their SEO going. Search engine optimization is not a short-term solution. It can take months or years before you get rankings and even then, there is no guarantee. So why bother? Because if you can get 100 visitors a month via SEO and you were paying $1,500 a month for this service, compare that price to what it would take to get the same number of visitors from Pay Per Click.
  • Directories: Probably the most cost-effective way for attorneys to market themselves is with directories. The reason is because these sites are already doing search engine optimization. They are already paying for PPC and doing social media to get traffic. In return, they are asking you for a simple monthly fee to be listed on their website. The more they put into gaining traffic the more it benefits you.  Whether you get 1 visitor or 1,000 visitors a month from these sites, the price stays the same.

Civil Court Attorney provides the ideal platform for lawyers around the country to market themselves. If you are tired of the increase costs of other methods of advertising online and you need an alternative, cost-effective solution, then it’s time to take a serious look at this directory and see why other lawyers have already begun benefiting from this platform.

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